Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is NOT a happy pup

More drama for our dear Lucy Lou. She got some dental work done recently (standard/routine teeth cleaning), and apparently when dogs get their teeth cleaned they also get put under anesthesia. She did great, has perfect pearly whites, and responded well to the anesthesia. The problem? She's a licker. As in, as soon as she got home she tore the bandage off of the small shaved portion of her leg where they'd put the IV and started licking her leg--we're guessing because it itched. She promptly developed a little skin infection, which she still couldn't stop licking no matter what we did. After trying various bandages, topical antibiotics, etc., we had to take her back into the vet. She's now on systemic antibiotics along with a prescription bland diet and probiotics to prevent the usual tummy issues that come along with antibiotics for her. And, as is evident from the photos, she got a lovely e-collar.

It's one of those things that's just really sad to watch. It took her a full couple of days to be comfortable enough to actually walk around. Getting her to go to the bathroom outside with the collar (because it makes it harder to sniff the ground) was immensely difficult, and we just generally feel bad for her. After all, with that face, wouldn't you?

Here's hoping a.)she gets it off very soon (she has a vet checkup on Monday), and b.) she gets it off before the kid comes (I can't imagine her having to deal with boarding in a small kennel with that collar).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Lucky Is Our Kid?!?

Regardless of how lucky he may or may not be thanks to the lot he drew when it came to his parents, he (and his parents) are certainly overflowing in the luck department when it comes to his extended family and family friends.

Check out the incredible handmade mobile hanging above the changing table from our friend Sharon--craft QUEEN. It's all gorgeous ribbons, fun graphic black and white patterns in bird and tree shapes... So awesome, and all 100% made by her.

I had to resist taking pictures of all of the other incredible loot this kid has amassed thusfar (too much of it and I'm still getting organized). However, I did get a chance to shoot the appx. waist-high pile of wrapping, boxes, hangers, etc. that resulted from our unpacking everything. The photo doesn't do it justice, but here it is anyways:

I'll post some photos of the nursery as a whole a little bit later, once I've actually had a chance to put things away and organize everything. For now, back to our mountain of laundry. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! Nothing is quite so romantic as washing, drying, and folding the wardrobe of one's soon-to-be born baby :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Showers of Babies (or something like that)

It's hard to believe, but I'm just past 35 weeks now--on Monday I'll officially be only 4 weeks away from my due date, and 2 weeks away from being 'full term.' Insanity.

I'm definitely a lot less comfortable now. More heartburn, lots of appetite but not much room to store food, sore back and tummy (that part right at the top of my belly under my chest feels kind of like a bruise). Sleeping has been challenging, what with the frequent pee breaks and difficulty finding a position that doesn't hurt either my back or my belly--even with the help of a maternity pillow. But all in all I've heard of much worse. I should probably count myself as lucky since I don't have much icky nausea, pelvic joint pain, any braxton hicks contractions to speak of, or yucky itchy rashes (all of which I've heard of in several other women).

I'm also feeling particularly lucky these days thanks to the absolutely awesome outpouring of support and love I received during my fabulous TWO baby showers! I had some really wonderful friends from work throw me a small gathering last week, and my family and family friends got together at my dad and stepmom's house last weekend for a really lovely party. The sheer amount of stuff that we received was incredible and really overwhelming (in a good way, of course), and it was so fun to have everyone get together to celebrate. Normally I'm a little nervous at showers due to the weird feeling of being the center of attention, not to mention the opening of gifts one by one in front of an audience is somewhat strange to me. These showers were awesome, though, with a minimum of pressure and lots of fun. Thank you so much to those who hosted and attended--I really had a blast.