Thursday, July 15, 2010

the promised job info (+ some daycare stuff)

So. Joey has officially accepted a position with IUPUI in Indianapolis. Yay for new jobs! I'll take a minute to be mushy and say that I couldn't be more proud of my awesome husband, considering not only what an incredible researcher he is, but also that he managed to survive the process of job searching in academia. This is not an easy task, people, and he did his best to not only keep himself sane, but me as well. He'll be starting this fall (Sept. 1, I believe), and I'll be following him down to Indy shortly after--probably the beginning of October.

First, a word about this job search: if I could keep anyone from ever having to interview for academic jobs within a month or two of having a new baby come home I absolutely would. My only savior was that my entire family lives in A2 with me, and my mom and sister graciously split their time so that I literally did not have to spend a single night alone in my house. Joey was overly exhausted from research, travel, and the baby for an entire month +, and I was exhausted from...well...being a new mom alone. Joey was a rock star, and managed to land a sweet job during what we all know is a pretty terrible economic time.

I've told my manager and director about this move, and am resigned to the fact that I will not be able to keep my job when I leave A2. This is sad, but hey, also a part of life. We've received some wonderful help in shopping my resume around, and fingers crossed I'll find something before too long. Our lives are a little crazy right now, with getting ready to list our house (next week!), researching apts in Indianapolis, looking for a new car (since we can't very well live apart for a month with only one), me going back to work (temporarily), and taking care of our little man.

Speaking of which, he's been doing fabulously at daycare. I've had an easier transition than I expected, and they love him at Tutor Time. He's been taking bottles like a champ, and since the folks at daycare are cool with cloth diapers he hasn't had to adjust in that area at all. He's napping in his crib there, and has shown no indications while at home that much has changed. He's still a happy little dude.

Whew! Apologies for such a long post--I'm adding a photo at the end just for good measure. Now everyone's caught up :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4 months...and some other stuff

Our little guy is 4 months already, and we took some good shots of him in a cute pirate onesie from Josh and Shelley (thanks, guys!). Hard to believe that he's more than halfway to the half-year mark. His teething is still in full swing, drool and all (they say that teeth tend to first show between 4 and 6 months, so I guess we're on tooth watch now). He was sleeping great for a little while, and then in the last week or two has decided to revert back to waking us up just about hourly--ugh :( He doesn't seem to need to eat every time he gets up, though, so we try to just soothe him back to sleep with some rocking or a pacifier. Here's hoping that doesn't last forever (cue all experienced parents laughing at that remark).

The other 'stuff' mentioned in the title post is that Joey has accepted a job! This is both super exciting and super stressful for us, and this past weekend has been a mad dash of getting things done--we've discovered that this has been significantly more difficult with a little bean around. I'm holding off on posting anything online about his job until I get back to work and have the chance to speak to my manager about it since it definitely affects my job as well. I promise more info soon, though, as well as updates about how our first week of work and daycare goes. This week is a big one: 4 month doc's appt and vaccinations on Monday, back to work in the mornings T-F with Oscar in daycare those mornings. Then the following week I'm back to work full time. Wish us luck!