Tuesday, April 27, 2010

already a clotheshorse...

Our little guy has received some pretty fabulous outfits from friends and family, as may have been evident in the last post that included his awesome star trek shirt. We haven't tried them all on yet, and therefore don't have photos of everything, but I've captured a few so far and included some photos here. Namely, the hand-appliqued 'O' onesie from Cory (craft queen), and a hilarious 'I didn't do it' white Bronco OJ humor onesie from our friends Bas and Suz. I'm hoping to get more photos of the other awesome clothes soon (such as the really cool Run DMC onesie from Aunt Leslie and Uncle Jason).

I've also been loving putting the Babylegs leggings on Oscar. He has a little heat rash, which has persisted for longer than we'd like despite our dressing him in light clothing and keeping him as cool as possible. The Babylegs allow us to keep him in a short-sleeved onesie for most of the time, and we toss the leggings on when it gets cooler or we have to take him outside without having to grab pants. They're also convenient for diaper changes, since they don't have to come off. They're a bit big on him still, but we make them work.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Smiles! (And a really cool outfit...)

As I mentioned in my last post, we've been seeing more smiles lately. I thought it would be nice to show some of those off, and I worked the other day to tease some out while simultaneously attempting to capture them on film. Here are some of the fruits of that labor. Also showing off some photos of Oscar in the cutest nerd outfit ever--showcasing his daddy's (and our friend Chris') affinity for Star Trek :) Thanks, Chris!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yay, Video!!

I finally figured out how to get the videos off of our Flip camcorder and onto the computer :) (Not that it's hard...I just never tried before). There are lots more to share, but for now here's a good one of Joey and Oscar from a few nights ago when my sister was over. He's not only getting bigger, but he's wide awake and reacting to us a lot more--you might also see a fleeting smile or two...

Friday, April 16, 2010

1 month!

Well, actually, almost 6 weeks now...I've been a bit lax about posting (not that I've been busy :) )

Here are a couple of shots from our 1 month photo shoot--I was psyched to find a use for the table #s I made for our wedding.

To be honest I'm not sure what to update on since there are so many changes with the little guy. We're still hoping to get more sleep at night, but he does seem to know the difference between night and day. Good nights see him sleep for 3 hour stretches at a time, but his more usual nights find us up with him every 2 hours or so. He's sleeping a ton today, so I'm anticipating his 6 week growth spurt, which may very well find me up with him every hour for a couple of nights soon (they like to eat constantly while they grow, apparently).

He's starting to show signs of real smiles, which is super exciting. We haven't been able to catch one on film yet, but hopefully that will come soon. So far they're unpredictable enough that I barely get to see them. He also makes tons of adorable fun noises that aren't screaming--he coos and ahhs and oohs and it's awesome.

Oh, and he's also HUGE. He's gaining weight like crazy (yes, we call him fatty mcfattersons which will probably give him a complex), and looks super healthy. I'm particularly a fan of his Michelin-man arms :) He has his next checkup in early May and I can't wait to see his official weight.

We're home alone a lot these days now that Joey's back at work, so I've found a lot of good groups to join and hang out with. There's a Mothering Arts class I plan on beginning to attend on Mondays, the Ann Arbor Babywearers on Tuesday (a group of moms who bond over wearing their babies in wraps, slings, and other fun things--along with great instruction on how to best use all of the 'stuff'), and the Breastfeeding Cafe on Friday (we hang out and get tips and info about breastfeeding and generally get to chat up other moms while feeling totally comfortable to feed our little guys and do whatever). Overall it's been great, and getting together with other new moms has helped tons with confidence and info. sharing.

Uh oh, the little dude is awake and crying for food. I'll try to update more soon!