Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snoozy McGrabhands

We've been trying to take more videos of Oscar as he's getting more active. Two of my recent favorites are shared here: our little guy snoring fast asleep on my lap on the couch, as we sit next to our crazy dog who has managed to fall asleep with her legs in the air, and another of one of his more recent accomplishments--grabbing and holding a rattle (with a little help from us).

Other than hanging out with the little man and trying to keep him occupied during his waking hours, we've been dealing with the recent heat wave...not so fun without central air, sitting in limbo waiting to hear from the schools Joey has interviewed at, and are currently getting ready for our first big road trip. We're headed to Ware Neck VA (near Gloucester) for a wedding this weekend. In order to attend the day-before activities--luncheon, rehearsal dinner--we're driving down EARLY tomorrow morning and planning on a 12+ hour drive. We're going with my mom (and taking her car since it's larger) so that she can watch Oscar during the rehearsal dinner and wedding. He'll come with us to the luncheon so that we can introduce him around. His packing list is enormous and we're both excited and apprehensive for our first trip out of town with him. I'm sure I'll have lots of photos and stories when we get back on Sun, but for now I'm buried under tons of laundry that I should probably get to...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still alive and kicking...

Clearly I won't be pursuing a career as a 'professional' blogger anytime soon...sorry about the delay in updates. I need to get better at this whole remembering to post thing.

Our little man has been busy growing--at his 2 month doc's appt he was 13lbs 9oz! He also got his first set of vaccinations...not a pleasant experience for either of us. He's been smiling a lot more, now in response to us smiling which is really cute. He's super happy first thing in the morning, so one of these days I need to have the video camera ready to capture that cuteness. His sleeping is pretty varied. Some nights he goes for around 3 hour stretches (which is wonderful for him, he's not one of those kids that can go 4-5 hours yet). Other nights he gets fussy and will go for a 2-3 hour stretch once and then wants to wake up just about every hour after that. I'm assuming it has to do with a lot of things--growing (and being hungry more often during those times), development, etc. Doesn't make it easier, but we're getting the hang of night waking and soothing.

He currently has a bedtime of around 10:30pm or so, since we all go to bed at the same time in the same room. We're thinking about beginning to try putting him down ahead of us and gradually moving his bedtime back to an earlier hour. We have a video monitor so that we can keep an eye on him from downstairs. We tried this at around 9pm recently, and while he did wake and require soothing twice before we finally went to bed, it seemed to work OK (and I'm assuming will get easier as he gets used to going to bed without us in the room). We also need to come up with a good bedtime routine as he gets older. It's strange to think about my own childhood bedtime routine and how concretely I can remember it. Joey and I essentially get to choose how he'll remember this time, which seems odd but also cool. I'm sure a part of this will be a bath, since he LOVES it. I'm throwing some photos from a recent bathtime here, showing Joey holding a naked Oscar right before going into the tub. Seriously cute stuff, people.

Other than all of that we're just trying our best to survive Joey's interviews and also trying not to think about/stress over all of the stuff that will go along with him getting a job (such as moving). Oscar is doing some other sweet stuff now--discovering his hands and doing a lot more grabbing, holding his head up really well, looking around constantly and examining his surroundings, etc. I'm really loving getting to see every little cool!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 months!!

Seriously?! That went fast... And yet somehow the nights have been sooo long. Here's a couple of shots from Oscar's 2 month photo shoot. This kid's a natural at modeling :)