Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Despite not really having anywhere to go this year, and a kid who's a bit too young to appreciate trick-or-treating, Joey and I dressed Oscar up for the occasion anyways. Meet our little Halloween narwhal. Not sure what a narwhal is? I can assure you that yes, they do exist, and you should check out this Google image search and this informative and educational video. Enjoy and hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the wedding went swimmingly...

As the title suggests, our trip to the north Georgia mountains (the town of Dahlonega, to be exact) went well. While the drive wasn't so fun mainly due to the length--10 hours--once we were there we had a great time. Oscar wowed everyone with his exceptionally sunny disposition, we saw some beautiful mountain landscapes, and our friends Jeremy and Jenny are now husband and wife after a lovely ceremony and reception. My favorite new Oscar nickname following this past weekend? Oscar the Anti-Grouch :) Sadly I don't have any photos to share, mainly because with Joey actually standing up in the wedding my hands were full with our little man most of the evening. You'll just have to take my word about the picturesque backdrop and Oscar's ADORABLE wedding outfit.

I do, however, finally have photos to share from swim class. Oscar's still loving the water, and since Joey came yesterday he was able to get some shots. I'll have to apologize for the quality, though. While Joey takes great pictures, he was a bit far away in the stands and I had to do some cropping in order to ensure that I wasn't posting photos of other people and their babies on the internet. Online photo courtesy...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

thank you, internets

Apparently whining to the internet is much like making a doc's appt: as soon as you do, everything starts to clear up. Joey's feeling much better today, despite the open sores now on his tonsils (gross!). He's healing, the fever's gone, and we're set to head to ATL this weekend. Now that my husband isn't miserable and I'm not worried about him 24/7 things are sooo much better :)

Quickly (since it's almost Oscar's nap time) a few other updates:

- 1st swim class a success! Oscar was absolutely adorable in his way-too-big 12 month clearance swim trunks, enjoyed the water a ton, and we can't wait until the next class. Joey will come next time to take photos so that I can post some.
- I'm super excited for my family to come in the next few weeks: my sister for Halloween weekend, my mom on Nov. 7th, then Joey's brothers come the weekend after that.
- I accepted a job with a small SEM (search engine marketing) firm called EverEffect here in Indy. They don't have an office currently, so I get to work from home meaning that (I hope) I can spend more time with Oscar and get away with just part-time childcare for him.
- We have an appt. with a daycare today, so fingers crossed we like it--if so we'll have everything squared away before leaving town!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

there's always a bright side

To balance out the negativity of that last post, here's one of the many beyond-adorable photos of Oscar that I've taken recently. Eat your heart out, Gerber Baby.

the one where i cry a little...

I'll have to apologize ahead of time for all the bitching and whining, but that's kind of where this post is headed. In the past few months, Joey and I have managed to undertake just about all of life's biggest stress-inducing events all at once--Joey got a new job, I left a job, we moved to a new state, and if you go back about 7.5 months we had a baby, too. We managed to survive all of it and end up on the other side intact... Well, now I may have finally discovered the straw that breaks our camel's back: strep throat.

We had a lovely first weekend in Indy, with my parents in town to watch Oscar so that we could go to a football game. It was awesome. But we were also looking forward to our 2nd weekend, just about the only weekend we had in the near future with nothing to do but enjoy our new home together. We had planned some apple picking, maybe a farmer's market or two, and just hanging out. Cue Joey feeling sick early last week. Below is a list detailing what happened next:

- Fever Wed. night
- MinuteClinic visit Thurs: positive rapid strep test and penicillin prescription
- Still not well Friday
- Urgent care visit Saturday: 103.7 degree fever, antibiotic shot, pain/fever killer shot, new antibiotic prescription (Augmentin)
- Still not well Sunday
- Emergency room visit Sunday night when fever was still not manageable: they said to give the antibiotic more time, gave prescription for Tylenol 3 for pain
- Still not well Monday, starting to lose hope :(

So we missed our fun weekend, poor Joey feels totally out of control, and I've been taking care of Oscar, Lucy, and Joey for the past week. I'm exhausted. I'm also worried about my husband, and feeling terribly for him. We've had a hell of a time figuring out how to get to a doctor, because being new here we don't have a PCP yet and everyone seems to be scheduling new patient visits 2-3 months out. I finally got him in to an office (chosen only for the availability of immediate care) this afternoon.

Let's also talk about the fact that Joey's supposed to stand up in one of his best friends' weddings in Atlanta this weekend. That friend has chosen an emergency backup just in case, but we're still crossing our fingers that we can magically make him better in time. Wish us luck.

OK, I'm done bitching now. But seriously...could we all just ask Life to please give it a rest and allow me a breather? I could really use some sleep.

ps: One piece of good news...I just accepted a job :) More on that another time, but I'll get to work from home (and it's not a stupid work-from-home scam, either)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Sorry, Joey's crazy case of strep caused me to miss flashback Friday, so here it is a little late. FYI: still no fever or signs of strep in Oscar (thankfully), although he may be constipated and decided not to take more than 1 hr (total) of nap yesterday. Awesome. He seems to be on the same trajectory today, thanks to a 30 min. morning nap and some unusual fussiness. At least Joey's fever isn't hitting 101.9 anymore...wish us luck with the rest of the weekend :P

Thursday, October 14, 2010

7 months...a week late

Wow, this week got away from me. Can you believe it...Oscar man is 7 MONTHS!! Some cool stuff he's been up to recently:
- Eating like a champ (as you probably saw in the video), and he's added apples and carrots to his repertoire recently.
- He's really, really trying to move. He's making valiant attempts to pull up on anything and everything--but not quite succeeding all the time--and flopping around on the floor like he wants to crawl. Unfortunately for him, his adorable fat little thighs aren't really getting under him very well...the curse of short legs that many in my family are familiar with.
- He's got one little tooth rapidly shooting up, and the 2nd is almost through the surface.

Sadly, a milestone we're not psyched about is that he may be on his way to catching the strep throat that Joey's battling. We're on the lookout for fever :(

Friday, October 8, 2010

flashback friday

Figured it might be fun to post a few pics of the little man from the earlier days every now and then. We've taken so many and so few end up on this blog that it'll be nice to share some of those other newborn photos with folks. [Side note: is that an obscene gesture he's flashing in one photo? Why yes, yes I think it is...]

Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Photos!

All images by Heather Saunders Photography

Thanks for taking awesome photos of us, Heather! If you're interested in seeing the whole set check out our gallery on Heather's site (passcode is A2 if asked).