Thursday, September 30, 2010

quick update...

Everyone should be happy to learn that at the follow-up we had Tues. the doc thought Oscar sounded much better. Also,just a couple of days after starting the antibiotic his ears looked good, too. We discontinued the breathing treatments (for now) thank goodness, but we can always resume if the wheezing starts up again. We can also discontinue the antibiotics tomorrow. Hooray for healing!

Unrelated note: I'm about to head into my exit interview at work and am having very mixed emotions... Not going to go into it, but it's very strange realizing that my time with this employer is actually ending. It's also Oscar's last day at daycare here and they're all very sad to see him go. On the bright side, maybe we can kick this cold and get him fully healthy now :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

cute or sad? probably both...

So remember that breathing treatment I mentioned a little while ago? Well, we're on ear infection #3, more antibiotics, and this time the nurse practitioner thought that the treatment we gave him in the office DID help. So we are now the proud owners of a brand new nebulizer, complete with a fulfilled prescription for albuterol. Have you ever seen anything so sad? (Or somehow kind of adorable?)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the paper mama photo challenge: fingerprints

One of the mama/photo blogs I've been reading recently, The Paper Mama, holds various fun photo challenges and I've finally decided to toss a photo of Oscar into the mix.

Her challenge this week was titled 'fingerprints,' and each entry must be a photo of your child's feet or hands. I pulled a couple from a set I took this morning:

Since you can only enter one I ended up choosing the bottom one :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

some wins for michigan (and food!)

Hooray for football, food, and husbands! Joey's in town this weekend, and after two weeks apart everyone seems to be enjoying the together-time a LOT. When Joey and I showed up to pick Oscar up from daycare on Thurs (the afternoon Joey arrived), Oscar smiled at his daddy and immediately started clapping his adorable.

Daddy in town also means football watching. Oscar experienced his first football game at a sports bar--The Arena, of course--which is documented in a photo below.

We're introducing more food these days, too. Oscar now has banana added to his repertoire in addition to the avocado and sweet potato. We've also been giving him Cheerios to play with. He likes to pick them up with his fist (still working on the thumb/forefinger pincer grasp) and shove them towards his mouth, usually missing. If he does get one or two in, he'll gum them for a while and usually you'll see either a whole or part Cheerio slide out of his mouth and down his chin in a river of drool. Sounds gross, I know, but is actually pretty hilarious. He does get some down, but mostly we're just having fun watching him learn how this food stuff works.

The only real downer that's happened recently has been his six month doc's appt. Everything looked good, except that the doctor didn't like the wheezing that he heard in his chest. I'm almost positive that the wheezing can be attributed to the summer cold that he hasn't shaken since he got it back in July, but since I have asthma the doc wanted to see if a breathing treatment would help relive some of it. Well, after trying to wrestle a screaming and scared 6 month old into allowing us to put a little mask over his face that was full of mist containing saline and albuterol (and having him eventually give up and fall asleep on my shoulder), then waiting about 30 min. for the doc to come back and listen to him, we discovered that the treatment made no difference at all. After all of that we finally got his vaccinations (oh, so fun) and all in all spent a pretty unpleasant two hours in the office. At least it's over now. We're supposed to go back in a couple of weeks before we move for the doc to follow up and listen to his chest again. Good times will be had by all, I'm sure.

Anyhow, not much else to report. Joey heads home to Indy tomorrow and Oscar and I will resume our normal routine at my mom's until we visit next weekend. After that it's only one more week until I move down for good. Yikes :)

- cheering for michigan at the bar
- hanging with daddy after the first pool experience
- short video of the first pool experience
- showing everyone how much he wanted to eat bananas today before dinner

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

enjoyable videos

...sorry, not of Oscar. While I'm in this odd transition period with computers that makes it difficult to get my photos together, I thought I'd post a couple of videos that I found via a couple of other blogs recently:

a mushy video that might make you a little teary-eyed if you're a mom (or if you're expecting) via higher highs, lower lows:
reflections of motherhood

a sweet skateboarding video for a sweet song via smonk you:
forever young, youth group

can you tell my google reader is filled with mommy/parenting blogs these days? :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

nothing exciting...

I wanted to update, but realized that we don't have much exciting going on here...which is actually really nice after the crazy month we had getting all of our moving done. I really, really miss Joey (and Lucy), but I'm having a great time getting to hang out with my family and I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks in my hometown before moving on.

I'm participating in a digital photography workshop right now. Despite lots of photo experience thanks to the photography part of my major in undergrad, I'm still experimenting with my DSLR. Having not picked up one of my 35mm or medium format film cameras in a while it's been some time since I've really experimented with aperture, shutter speed, and all of that fun stuff. Despite already knowing how these things work, I figured that a nice, relaxed and low pressure online workshop would motivate me to get shooting (and more than anything, really thinking about my shots). I'm including some photos I've taken for the class below: a supercute one of Oscar at bathtime, and a photo that tries to capture the dishes I do most nights for his bottles, etc.

Tomorrow my mom and I will be trying our hand at making rice cereal for him, and hopefully I'll get some good pictures of that :) Also, my new computer has finally arrived, and it'll be much easier for me to upload all of my pictures and get things organized after Joey and I wipe it and reinstall the operating system. He'll be up in A2 next weekend, so hopefully we'll have time to do it then and I can get back to posting more pictures.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

6 months (or 0.5 years)!


Can't believe it's been 6 months already--here's one of many shots I got of him this morning (will have better ones later...when I have access to my usual editing software).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st visit to see Daddy (also: 1st Football Saturday)

This past weekend Oscar and I took our first trip to Indy to see Joey since he officially moved down there and I officially didn't. Yet. It was both fantastic and not-so-fantastic at the same time:

2. Seeing Lucy
3. Hanging out in our mostly-put-together new home in our new city
4. Discovering fun stuff and places (see more about that later)
5. Buying a new dining room table :)

2. Leaving Lucy (and seeing her get sad and mopey the morning I left)
3. Oscar getting yet another fever :(
4. Feeling at home, and then realizing I still had to come back to work

So, onto the fun stuff. I got to see Joey's new office (awesome!) and his new lab (super awesome!) and marvel at his sweet parking pass that allows him to park EVERYWHERE. We went to Rib America, a BBQ festival on IUPUI's campus, and I managed to eat pulled pork, brisket, and ribs--all while wearing Oscar in a carrier on the front of me and not even dripping a bit of sauce on his head. We also went to an adorable Indie handmade store called Homespun and talked to the shop owner for a long time about things like good city neighborhoods, cloth diapers, indie handmade festivals, etc. Joey commented after we left that I had found "my people" :) We briefly explored the Keystone Fashion Mall, made the mistake of walking into Restoration Hardware, and bought a dining room table. We watched both Georgia Tech and Michigan win their games, got a little emotional hearing the U of M fight song, and took lots of pics of Daddy holding Oscar while watching his first game. As for O-man's fever, he's doing OK--we went to the IHA after hours clinic as soon as we got back to A2 and discovered that he's got another ear infection. So, back to the antibiotics.

Whew. Now back to real life. Not seeing Joey again for a couple of weeks, since he has a bachelor party to attend next weekend. Also apologies for not attaching photos. I'm still in the midst of trying to get my photo storage stuff organized and I just recently found and brought back my camera cable from Indy. I promise more pics soon.