Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Adventures in Daycare and Teething...

Sounds like fun, right? Not so much... Yes, 3 months is early for teething, but Joey and I think that he's probably going through some type of 'pre-teething.' He won't be cutting teeth anytime too soon, but my dad put it best when he said that Oscar might have 'itchy gums.' He's been fussier than usual lately, but we've been trying out Hyland's Teething Tablets (yes, hippie homeopathic drugs) and honestly they seem to make a difference. He's also become quite the drool-master. It's actually kind of gross, but I guess that's what being a baby is all about.

Now what to say about daycare...? I'm heading back to work in mid-July (yikes!) and realized that it was really time we figured out that whole daycare thing. I'm kind of freaked out about it and anticipating having some trouble when I have to leave him all day in the care of someone else, but also looking forward to getting back into a different daily routine. We looked at a number of different places, and fell in love with a home-based daycare called Country Peas (cute, right?). It's one of the VERY few accredited home-based daycares, has a fantastic teacher to kid ratio (1:2.5) and the woman who runs it is awesome. Sadly, it's out off of Ford Rd. and a bit too far from our house :( So we checked out a center called Tutor Time, and ended up liking it way more than we thought we would. They have a better ratio than most centers we saw, affordable (which is relative when speaking about childcare, since nothing is really truly affordable), and we also like their teaching philosophy. We visited, weighed our options, and put a deposit down on Tutor Time. It's much closer to both our house and my parents' houses. Now I just have to work on the idea of not being home with him all the time.

I don't really have photos or videos to go with the title topics, but I do have some fun videos that were taken in the last month: one of Joey conversing with Oscar first thing in the morning (Oscar has become quite vocal and it's super cute); and another of Oscar dancing to a video of the Safety Dance that came on VH1 Classic :) Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3 months!!

I've said it before (many times), but man time flies. Sorry it took so long to post these...the little man has been awake a lot during the day and a little cranky to boot, so getting them edited has taken longer than expected. I finally got a few through super-fast and dirty post-processing (so not as good as they could be, but better than the originals). I'm posting them here so that everyone can bask in the glory of my gorgeous son :) He's been 'talking' more and making all sorts of cool noises. I've got some cute videos, too, so I'll try to get those up here before too long. Here's praying for some good naps during which I can be a little productive...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Survived the Road Trip!

I guess that title says it all... We actually had a really great time and are happy to say that the trip was a total success. Oscar slept most of the way there and back, and despite our expectations for a really long car trip it only took the amount of time that Google Maps said it would (appx. 12 hrs). The little guy only got fussy in the car seat when he was hungry or wet, and otherwise was great. He spent a good hour or two crying that first evening when we got to the hotel, I'm guessing from just being sick of traveling, but then he slept fabulously that night and the rest of the nights we were there.

We introduced Oscar to the other wedding guests at a luncheon at my friend Logan's parent's plantation (AMAZING property, gorgeous house and grounds, and also the location for the wedding). Everyone absolutely loved him and were all gushing about how good he was being and how adorable he was. For the rest of the weekend whenever we ran into any other guests they'd ask 'where's Oscar?!'

We also attended the rehearsal dinner at the Ware River Yacht Club (delicious buffet dinner under a beautiful tent next to the club), got to hang out with my grad school friends before the wedding, and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful ceremony and tented reception on the plantation lawn. My mom had a good time riding her bike all over the place during the days, hung out by the hotel pool, and babysat Oscar Fri. and Sat. nights. She said he did really well, and we were super grateful that she was willing to come down with us to watch him. Overall we enjoyed our time together and are happy that Oscar appears to be a great traveler :)

Now Joey's off to another interview--this one at Dartmouth--so it's just the little man and I. Molly and Mom are coming over for the nights he's gone (I'm so lucky to have them here!), and we're all looking forward to Joey being done with these interviews. Below you'll see a couple of photos from our trip: Oscar in his carseat on the way down, babyville (aka our hotel room), and Oscar and mommy hanging out before leaving for the luncheon.