Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mother Madness

Don't mean to get all 'intellectual article' today (made even more irritating, I'm sure, by a lack of Oscar photo), but I discovered a really interesting read that I wanted to share. It's basically about mothering, today's expectations, attachment parenting, and presents a strong opinion about it all by Erica Jong.

A couple of my own quick thoughts, then the link:
1. While I have personally chosen to nurse, use cloth diapers, and make most of our own baby food, I also relish the fact that I had the choice to do so. These were mainly monetary choices, as we found them cheaper options than the alternative in the long run. We're not all or nothing, though, and feel totally fine using disposables at night sometimes or while traveling. We also feel fine about store-bought baby food, esp. when it's more convenient.
2. I love the idea of attachment parenting, and understand the philosophy behind it, but also agree with Ms. Jong about much of the inconveniences associated with it and the expectations of the modern woman. Yes, I love wearing my baby, no, I do not wear him all the time (and do love our bouncy seats and jumparoo!). I've enjoyed co-sleeping, but this will change soon due to my son's own sleep habits, and he does have a schedule during the day. I think it's sort of a 'take what you want from each parenting philosophy and make it your own' type of arrangement, and it works for us.

Go ahead, have a read and see what you think: Mother Madness

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