Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sleep? what's that??

A lot has been going on around here, and it's a busy week already. As you can probably guess from the title of this post, Oscar has chosen this very busy week to not sleep AT ALL. Yup, fun stuff. A bit about what we're up to:

1. I started work this week. (I mentioned a bit about my new position in this post.) I'm a little stressed out since this involves a whole new skill set within the online marketing world, and it's been a while since I've felt like a fish out of water. It's additionally stressful figuring out how to effectively and efficiently work from home without a dedicated workspace, and with an infant around 2 days/wk.

2. Oscar started daycare this week. Even though we've done the daycare thing before, starting up again after being home together for a month is a little difficult...

3. Joey got to go on a fancy dinner date on Mon. with a visitor/speaker at IUPUI (who happens to be a dude, so I wasn't too jealous)

4. We're doing our first round of house visits tonight--I'm super psyched since looking at houses may be one of my most favorite things ever. I'll have to update about how the house search is going later.

5. Lots of Lucy appts: daycamp, vet, grooming

6. There's also the matter of Oscar's twice-weekly swim classes, which we've decided to skip this week in order to give everyone a break due to what I can only refer to as...

SLEEPOCALYPSE. As in, the end of sleep as we know it. Now, many folks already know that our little man has never been the best of sleepers. We've chosen to cosleep with him in our room, and with all of the transitions that happened in his early months we also chose not to move forward with sleep training, cry it out, and didn't even really attempt to do much night-weaning. So I tried my best to refrain from bitching about sleep since I figured that once we put some effort into changing his habits we could get things squared away. HA.

We bought the 'No Cry Sleep Solution' book and started in on some of the suggested solutions. We couldn't even stick with it as long as it said you should, because before we got to the 2nd set of sleep logs Oscar started waking up more and more frequently until a couple of nights ago when he woke up when we came to bed, and then didn't to go sleep until, oh, about 5am. We abandoned the various sleep techniques in favor of 'whatever works' so that we can semi-function during the day until we can have a chat with his pediatrician to rule out medical issues (such as food allergies, reflux, etc.). This type of non-sleep has continued the past two nights. Our ped appt. is Friday afternoon. Wish us luck...


  1. No sleep sucks. SUCKS sucks! I am so sorry about that. I've been down that road, but it was a long time ago. All I can say, is it will eventually pass.

    You will not be rocking your 18 year old to be, I don't think. :)

    seriously, it stinks. HUGE.

  2. oh - I feel you!! I tried the No Cry Sleep Solution, and I agree sometimes it's hard to keep up with just because you're SO freaking tired!!! Thankfully this season does go away, eventually. :)