Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update + 8 Months Old!!!

Firstly: Happy (1 day belated) 8 months to my little man!!! (Haven't taken the 8 mo. photo yet...that will follow as soon as I can get my sh** together)

Secondly: Happy birthday to Emily, a new friend I've recetly met in Indy, and who I'm looking forward to getting to know better!

This morning I said goodbye to my mom, who arrived on Sunday--the day Joey left for his conference--to visit with Oscar and help a bit while I'm on my own. I wasn't prepared for how hard that would be. Who would have guessed that saying goodbye to one's mom would actually get harder the older you get? We had a great visit, Oscar and Lucy both thoroughly enjoyed her company, and thanks to her my home is cleaner, laundry is done, and I actually have some food to eat this week. Sadly, I also woke up feeling kind of awful today...here's hoping it's just exhaustion and will go away with a little bit of rest. Not good, though, when paired with saying goodbye and facing another 3 days before Joey comes home.

The sleep experiment continued...sort of. I slept on the couch the last couple of nights until Oscar woke up. He didn't sleep as long as that first night, but his nights have been a bit better than previously, so that's good. He's also been making sure I'm on my toes by puking in my bed two mornings ago, then puking during breakfast this morning. He seemed totally fine right afterwards and was happy all day, so I don't think it's an actual illness (fingers crossed), but it wasn't fun. We've also had some blowout poos and fussiness, all of which I'm hoping magically go away for the remainder of this week (HA!).

Because I've had too many posts without pictures recently, I'm tacking a few on here. Not that they have anything to do with anything specific, but enjoy :)

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