Sunday, November 7, 2010

this is what desperation looks like...

2 full grown adults having a slumber party on the hard living room floor--complete with pillows borrowed from the bedroom and blankets underneath and on top--with a deliciously comfy king-sized bed sitting empty in the room next door. let's not forget the video monitor glowing brightly and the baby resting in the cosleeper next to aforementioned king bed.

This was my crazy experiment, thought of at the last minute while watching TV before bed last night. Having tried just about everything else, I figured that it might be worthwhile to see how long Oscar could sleep if we just never entered the room. The result? Our little dude lasted until about 3am or so (regular time, before we set the clocks back). Then woke up to eat, slept more, and woke up to eat again once before waking up at about 5 or 5:30 (gotta love daylight saving time).

Success! Sort of... With this evidence in hand I'm going to continue the experiment with Joey out of town--he left for a conference today and will be back Friday--and try sleeping on the couch tonight until our man wakes up. If he continues to sleep well without anyone in the room we get to begin the process of officially transitioning him to his crib. Which will be infinitely more difficult for his co-sleeping-loving mom than for him. Stay tuned for more from our sleep adventures :)

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  1. this is kind of similar to what we went through. i LOVED cosleeping but the kid, man, the kid slept better in his own bed. i think our little noises woke him up, then he woke me up, and he would nurse all night... i was heartbroken but eventually found that he LOVED his crib. so much for my hippy street cred.